Stop Mynas Strathbogie Brochure

Our very own brochure specific to the Strathbogie Ranges

MynaScan Information Brochure

A helpful brochure from the Feral Scan website to get you started with Common Myna mapping

MynaScan Website

The largest database of Common Myna sightings Australia wide

Euthanizing House Sparrows

A comprehensive article written for disposal of House Sparrows, but applicable to Common Mynas

Birds in Backyards

Some information on Common Myna habitats, identification and behaviours

Identifying Myna Birds

Another great resource from MynaScan, showing the differences between the Common Myna and Noisy Miner

Case Study: Common Myna Impacts

A comprehensive Pest Smart case study on the impact of trapping efforts in the Canberra region

Methods of Euthanasia

A standard operating procedure on  from the DPI and Natural Heritage Trust

Common Myna Articles and News

Banyule Council declares war on ‘plagues’ of Indian myna birds

A council in Melbourne’s north-east will lobby the government to declare the Indian myna bird a pest, as the tiny birds wreak havoc in backyards across Melbourne.

Rats of the sky?

Just how damaging are Indian Myna birds to the Australian environment?

Invasive bird species need suitable climates and other aliens to flourish

Common myna are more likely to thrive if there are other introduced species in the area.

Mynas v miners: they might be swooping menaces but they're not all bad

Know your miner from your myna. Both are aggressive in different ways – discover why we’re killing one but never the other

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